Advantages of messenger based mobile banking (MBMB)

  • It is not necessary to install additional application on the phone
  • Bank’s customer interaction with banking system is performed using simplified and understandable for everybody interface
  • The interface is based on the dialog and not on the form-filling – the usual approach used in online or even mobile banking! Programmed buttons on the screen help to avoid extensive testing of commands and for navigation purposes
  • Simple integration with service provider call-centers, due to the fact it is easy to make direct call from messenger or ask for call back!
  • It is not necessary to be wi-fi or LAN connected, 3G or even Edge communication is OK
  • Possibility to use non-smartphones (just phone with Java-support is enough) what is big advantages in most developing countries (India f.e.)
  • Due to the fact the channel is free, even switch of the bank to massager instead of sending of “SMS alert” messages could bring to the bank significant economy! The respective system of filtration and sending of messages is already developed, we need just a week to implement it on the customer’s (bank’s) side!

EduardasVaigauskasEduardas Vaigauskas
General Manager at Cashphenix International LLC