Banking based on gestures

Emerge of “smart watches” brought not only nice new gadget but also the problem: how to use it”? Smart watch as a “timepiece” or as a device monitoring the physical activity of the owner is not disputable and are widely accepted. The device as “watchdog” of IPhone or iPad informing the owner about incoming calls or messages is also clear. Still it is the question if it will be enough to keep the market’s (customers) interest toward the (not so cheap) gadget.

It seams to me the and the biggest problem today that must be solved by all “smart watches” manufactures is to offer to existing and future users serious and useful applications!

The mobile banking would be very strong argument here!

We must as ourselves – do we really suggest it is possible to use smart watch as the mobile banking tool? The obvious answer would be no… if we would consider the “standard mobile banking approach”! The reason is obvious – to small display, very limited interface, etc.

Still I suppose we got good news for both sides of the story – the vendors and the users of these gadgets.

We suggest the emerging of Messenger Based Mobile Banking (MBMB) system developed by QuickBoxBot.LLC company is opening door to Mobile Banking on the “smart watches” and possible will introduce totally new approach here – the “Gestures Based Banking” (GBB).

We know that every three months we have something like new approach in marketing. It can be new positioning, segmentation, promotion etc.

What about banking innovation? Do we have something new here too? Or it is finished with internet and mobile banking?

I think no.

The last pretty idea was to use Telegram bots as a banking servicing tools to provide full range of bank operations. It is simple, convenient and cost-effective.

Message Based Banking principally is based on the dialog interface in contrary with “standard” on-line (mobile) banking that is usually based on the “form-filling” approach. The dialog based interface is much less “place demanding” – if we are considering the small display of the smart watch! Therefore it is more appropriate and much easier to use than standard on-line (mobile) banking interface.

The minimalistic interface and minimized keyboard entry demand makes it possible to make the second step in developing “smart watch based banking” – the Gesture Based Banking! Could we imagine the banking, which is based on gestures?

So, in this new type of banking we will do operations by gestures, what the smart watch with an accelerometer, makes possible! We can track hand moving and translate it into operations, the banking operations:

  • For funds transfer we can use flap of hands of two people (money is transferred between them) like it was used in ‘bump’ operation;
  • For loan we can use gesture of moving hand to the body
  • For deposit we can do gesture of moving hand from the body
  • For operation cancelation we can use shake gesture

Here we tried to propose new type of banking which can be more appropriate for smart watches than convenient one – where we must do the same screen operation as previously but using the very small screen of watches.

We believe that new channels and new devices may bring more innovations than mechanical transfer of standard technologies.

EduardasVaigauskasEduardas Vaigauskas
General Manager at Cashphenix International LLC