How it is difficult (or easy) to create info-bot for your bank?

Today the answer to the question is clear: it is very simple and straightforward!
Currently almost anybody can create info-bot for own bank within just some hours. The biggest part of the time will be used not for programing or script writing but for set up of the information you want to make public on the Telegram messenger!

This became possible after QuickBoxBot LLC has opened own “production site”
I would like to go step-by-step through the complete procedure of creating the info-bot.

Information preparation

You will need to prepare the information before digging into the creation process.

You will need:

1. The bot “welcome” message. You chose your text. Something alike: “I am the bot of EVERYBank bank. I will help you to keep informed about our products, contacts and branches and ATMs location”.

2. You will need the address of the HQ of you bank, phone number, web site address the e-mail address of the bank, possible – other information you would provide to the customers about your bank (phone numbers of departments, etc.). It is your choice what additional information you would like put here – just do not forget about small screen of mobile phone and difficulty to read scrolled text on it!

3. Information for ATM locator.
The easiest way to do this is to develop the Excel table with following format:

Table 1

Name Address Latitude Longitude ID Description
#1 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33180 25.9566124 80.1449489 South Entrance ATM in Aventura Mall,

The format of all fields is free – exempt for two of them: “Latitude” and “Longitude”. They must be in decimal format. The easiest way to get these numbers is to use Google Maps. After you will enter the address of the ATM, Google Maps will show you in the “command line” something alike the line below.,-80.1449489,17z/data=!3m1!5s0x88d9acf7b0a48e89:0x72ed99a2bcd2f1fb!4m7!1m4!3m3!1s0x88d9acf621b0d915:0xf73bc06faf0df4fb!2sAventura+Mall!3b1!3m1!1s0x88d9ac5ee47d46bb:0x2d1abd417dff2dc7

Two digits (zoomed) are the “Latitude” and “Longitude” you can use in the Table 1

The same rule is valid for the “Branch locator”.

Now you must prepare the information for “Offers”.

It get a “tree structure” . You always shall understand what a “parent” has every piece of information (or “no parent” at all)!
The easiest way to prepare the information would be to use “outline” format.
For example:

Bank Cards
Visa Debit

Visa Gold
MC Gold

Here “Bank Cards” has no “parent”, the parent of “Debit” and “Credit” is “Bank Cards”, the parent of “Visa” and “Maestro” is “Debit”, and the parent of “Visa Gold” and “MC Gold” is “Credit” .

After you will prepare your offers in this format you can start to put it on the production site!

Creation of the bot

But, before you will be able to do this you need perform two actions: to login into the production site (hit the button “Login” at the upper right corner of the site), and … create you bot on the Telegram messenger.

The process of creating the bot is quite simple, but not straightforward for most of first-time users.

I will give you step-by-step instructions how to do this below.

Start the bot @botfather on Telegram messenger .

You will get the response of the bot in following form:

Hit the link /newbot

The botfather will respond as follows:



So we got a new bot @everybankbot!!!

Now simply highlight and copy the token of the EVERYBANKBOT

Paste it to the field “Token” on the Production site of

Like this:


You will see the system find the bot’s name and its username automatically.

Filling up the information into the bot.

Now fill up the fields “Description” and FAQ .
The text in the “Description” field is some kind of “welcome message” of the bot when the user will start it first time on its telephone!

The format of the message and FAQ is free. It can be like this:


As always, do not try to put long texts in all fields – remember, the customer will see it on its phone!
So, now is the time to fill up all 4 options that automated info-bot creation system of is supporting!

Lets go to the “Bank Contacts”.

All fields here are self-explanatory! Just fill up them and do not forget to hit a button “Save” below!


Lets go the options “ATMs”

Here you will see the following picture:


Just do what it is written – browse and chose the file with the ATM related information (table 1).
Be sure the file is in xls, or – even better, in Windows .csv format.
Be also sure the first line of the table looks exactly as in Table 1 – without any mistakes in the wording – otherwise you will get the error message!

The same way you will handle the “Branch office option!

Now, only one option is left! It is the “Offers”.
I have prepared very simple structure – the same I have done above in the text. The data structure in this option (after the all data has been already filled up ) will looks like this:


If you will click on say option “Debit” you will see the structure of “parent” and “daughter” data:

If you need to create new entry in the option “Offers”, you hit the button “Add Offer” in the right upper corner of the screen and choose from the list the “parent” of this entry!
Do not forget to save your entry after you have filled it up!!!

The new info-bot is ready to be used!

Go to Telegram, type in the “Chats” @everybankbot – the bot will respond with the “welcome” message and will show you its menu:


Ending remark!

You will not see yet any ATM or any branch of EVERYBANK – simply because I haven’t downloaded any table to the “Production site”. I did this intentionally due to the fact the system is looking for the ATM or for the branch located not far away that 5 miles from the user location! Otherwise the bot responds with the message “ Sorry, but we cannot find any ATM close to you”!

If anybody of our readers would be interested to explore how the locator is working, I kindly ask you to send the Table 1 filled with the information about ATM (or/and branches) in your city!
I will download the table to the “production site” and you will be able to use the locator of “EVRYBANK”.
Please send the table to my address

Good luck creating your own info-bot for your bank!

Eduardas Vaigauskas

QuickBoxBot LLC