Info bot

You can create your own info bot right now without any integration and IT specialists. Reserve your own bot now and extend its functionality later – It’s a good way to start!

ATM and office locator




Financial operations

You can add any additional customizations to you Bot with help of our programmers. Please contact us.

Create full cycle mobile banking without expenses for mobile app development. Your customers don’t need to load a new app and get used to it.

Account balance

Money transfer


And more

How it works?

Our solution includes all most popular mobile and online banking functions. Your IT team can easily integrate with our solution according to our detailed specifications.
Your IT team too busy? No problem, we’ll make all the integration work for you. Just let us know.

  • Quick and easy setup
  • Support 24/7
  • Simple customization
  • Easy management

Customer’s mobile phone verification

You can check customer’s mobile phone availability to analyse – is this phone “live”? Please contact us.

Smart messaging

You can significantly decrease the cost of messages to client by using our technology, which can use chip channels to reach your customers. Please contact us.

Where customer will see your message?

How it works?